Salesforce Einstein

Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Visualization to CRM

Do you want to:

  • Improve your business metrics?
  • Identify the causes of business outcomes?
  • Know what will happen next and what to do about it?

Salesforce Cloud apps powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can answer important questions about your metrics. AI simplifies things for users by providing intelligent search results, automated assistants, and personalized recommendations.

The valuable insights in Salesforce Einstein result from a combination of computing power, data, and algorithms embedded in the suite of products. Powering the brains of Salesforce Einstein are:

Einstein Analytics This cloud-based platform provides interactive views of data that can be shared through easy-to-understand dashboards. Using data from multiple sources, Einstein Analytics provides:

  • A better understanding of your customers and what makes them happy
  • Customized dashboards by extracting and transforming Salesforce and external data
  • Tailored exploratory analysis of your data accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Customized apps to optimize every line of business

Our Salesforce consultants will take your objectives and apply your business process to implement Einstein Analytics to quickly achieve your goals and increase revenue. The platform delivers results because it is customized to your organization.

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Einstein Discovery

Get a personal data scientist for every customer with Einstein Discovery, which takes huge volumes of data and instantly turns it into new insights and recommended actions. Your users will never deal with data overload. When properly implemented, Einstein Discovery will take care of it for you.

Common sense says that what works for one organization may not work for another one. We customize and implement Einstein Discovery based on your business processes to ensure you fully reap its power. Using your requirements as the starting point, our data science team implements Einstein Discovery to deliver actionable insights and predictions.

Let AppShark put the power of Einstein Discovery to work in your organization. The AppShark Data Science team will work with your company to understand your business processes, implement Einstein Discovery, and deliver results.

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Sales Cloud Einstein: Close More Deals — Faster Your sales team will maximize sales with Sales Cloud Einstein. Embedded AI digs through email texts exchanges between your sales team and prospects to identify and estimate potential sales. Sales Cloud Einstein with embedded AI supports sales in ways you never thought possible. It can:

  • Identify top leads most likely to close
  • Predict deals with the greatest risk of loss
  • Recommend next steps
  • Calculate an accurate prediction of sales revenue

Data entry is one of the biggest, needless time wasters in the sales process. Sales Cloud Einstein can tie emails and meetings with a prospect record in Salesforce. Less data entry means more time to spending time with customers, a critical factor in sales success.

Tap into the power of artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) with help from the AppShark consulting team. They can quickly implement Sales Cloud Einstein with your requirements, so you can transform customer data into closed deals.

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