The Complete Guide to Salesforce Integration

Understand the significant benefits offered by Salesforce and its scope to integrate.

Forrester quotes that- “The new table stakes for marketing is personalized and unified communication throughout the customer journey”.


A comprehensive CRM is one that helps businesses gain a stronghold in the marketing beginning with customers, the service it offers, and how optimally it carries on operations.

Salesforce is a cloud-based software that allows companies to track real-time analytics, customer success and support, customer complaints, and additional CRM functions with utmost ease of storage and access. Salesforce offers a diverse selection of clouds and applications and is increasingly adopted by companies to assist with marketing, tracking sales, and spending and analyzing performance. It is a SaaS which means it uses a cloud-computing, software distribution approach that hosts applications and makes them available online.


Salesforce Integration with third-party applications unifies critical business data obtained from various sources and consolidates it on a single platform for effective collaboration. The following e-book will handhold you through the following aspects of adopting the Salesforce environment- 

  • Understanding operational challenges in the business and the role of a CRM.
  • Salesforce and its offerings.
  • The role of Salesforce in customer service/retention and sales. 
  • Salesforce integration and why it is needed.
  • Some common Salesforce integrations with third-party applications.     

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