Questions to ask your Salesforce Implementation Partner

The right questions to be asked to a prospective Salesforce implementation partner

“A crisis, such as the pandemic, makes sales leaders, managers, and salespeople more receptive to change “- HBR on now is the time to shake up the sales process.

Salesforce has recorded unprecedented growth in the year 2020-21 indicating its capability as a unique CRM platform with its wide range of offerings for the much needed digital transformation of businesses. Improved artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the platform- critical on-field services such as appointment scheduling, optimization capabilities, dispatch guidance etc. help sales teams handle sales and service easily given the changed circumstances. Performance of sales function can further be improved in this “largely”- virtual environment with Salesforce’s virtual selling suite for optimizing tasks and supporting contactless relationships with customers.

But what is as important as making this switch to Salesforce is making the right choice of the Salesforce implementation partner you shake your hands with. 

The following e-book will take you through the following aspects of choosing the right Salesforce implementation partner and your business-readiness for the same. 

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