Salesforce eBooks 

Explore our collection of free eBooks created to help your business get the most out of Salesforce by enhancing customer experience, driving revenue, and innovation.

Over the years, AppShark has helped hundreds of businesses leverage Salesforce CRM and other advanced platforms and technologies to solve their complex business challenges. Our researched-backed Salesforce eBooks are an endeavor from AppShark to share our extensive cross-industry and cross-technology experience, latest technology trends and insights with businesses and help them realize their business goals.

Complete Guide to Custom Software Development- eBook

What are the right questions to ask a Software Development Agency? What is best project methodology to execute and implement a custom software? Get all your questions answered by .

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Salesforce Integration eBook

Complete Guide to Salesforce Integration- eBook

What are the right tools that can be integrated with Salesforce CRM? What are the advantages of integrating Salesforce CRM with third party tools? Get all those questions answered in by.

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Personalizing Buyer Journey with Marketing Cloud-eBook

Can Salesforce Marketing Cloud source the right leads and give you exact information required to run personalized campaigns to your audience?. Get all your questions answered by

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CPQ eBook

Streamline Revenue with Salesforce CPQ- eBook

Salesforce CPQ is a formidable platform with out of the box features such as advanced quotes, tiered pricing and setting custom rules.  How can CPQ help your business improve negotiations and generate revenue? Get questions answered by

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Salesforce for Digital Transformation of Businesses- eBook

Contemplating to transform your business digitally? Want to achieve a seamless communication and data flow between your Sales, Marketing, Accounting and Operation teams? to understand how Salesforce can help you achieve that.

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Salesforce Implementation

Questions To Ask Your Salesforce Implementation Partner

This eBook helps you find the right Salesforce implementation partner, gauge their expertise by asking the right questions and see if they are the right choice for your project implementation.

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