Our certified Architects, Developers, Testers, Business Analysts and Project Managers are trained to analyze your business requirements and develop custom Salesforce and/or multi-platform solutions that align with your business processes.

AppShark can work independently with your business stakeholders or as an extension of your existing development team. Our teams are trained to align with your software development practices, or if you don’t have one in place, we will define one using agile methodologies.

AppShark’s Salesforce development team has the expertise to deliver the following:

  • Lightning web components (LWC)
  • Managed packages
  • Unmanaged packages
  • Custom applications
  • Services (Apex)
  • AppExchange apps
  • API based integration 
  • Heroku 
  • Non-Salesforce (Java/node/.net etc.) components/services where required 
  • Robotic Process Automation

Once project-based work is complete, AppShark can support your company with fractional support through our monthly Managed Services programs. Our experts can continue to provide end-user support, monitor the health and stability of your Salesforce instance, and make ongoing enhancements as you leverage the power of Salesforce.


Our DevOps Team can help companies whose Salesforce instance is complex and needs continuous integration and deployment. The team will understand your needs and design an effective DevOps process, paired with appropriate CI/CD tools. As part of our engagement, our team will implement this process and train your internal development team and provide mentoring on an ongoing basis.

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