Salesforce CRM allows you to do business in a whole new way and opens up several exciting possibilities. Our consulting team has experience with over 400 projects, bringing deep industry insight, proven consulting experience, and Salesforce know-how to help you leverage Salesforce CRM.

Our Dallas-based Salesforce consultants will help you implement Salesforce according to your specific business needs while addressing your most pressing business problems. From strategy consulting and implementation to staffing – we’re ready to be part of your Salesforce project!

Choose from our vast Salesforce talent pool  

More than a decade experience of Salesforce Consulting and working with clients from various industries has given AppShark a unique advantage. Through this experience, we’ve built a talented team of Salesforce professionals who can perform critical roles in a dynamic and real time Salesforce environment irrespective of tight deadlines and industry requirements

Our Salesforce team includes: 

 Salesforce Administrators

 This role adds value to the business by helping automate complex business processes and ensuring that the system is clean and efficient. He or she will also monitor and manage new releases (these occur three times a year usually) and support users with any requests they may have. In short the Salesforce Admin is the SME Salesforce expert within the organization with detailed insight into customization. Hire one now.

 Salesforce Functional Consultants

 Salesforce Functional Consultants often come from a Salesforce Administrator background and usually have a good grasp of technical features and functionalities of the Salesforce platform. They bridge gaps between the client and the technical team and often have exposure to multiple Salesforce Clouds and AppExchange products. Hire one now.

Salesforce Solution and Technical Architects

A Salesforce Solution Architect is responsible for designing a solution for a specific problem utilizing available Salesforce products and technologies with a focus on new implementations.  A Salesforce Technical Architect is ultimately responsible at the highest level for a Salesforce implementation with complete expertise on the entire Salesforce platform.

 The Technical Architect teams up with a Solution Architect and supporting team members to deliver the complete solution for the customer. Hire one now.

Salesforce Project Managers and Business Analysts

 The job role of a Salesforce Business Analyst requires gathering and analyzing business requirements and converting them into effective Salesforce solutions that will help boost revenue generation. They also act as Salesforce implementation consultants and usually handle and analyze Salesforce implementations within an organization. A Salesforce Project Manager works with developers and consultants on different projects to develop an established communication plan and build continuity through well-defined processes. Hire one now.

Salesforce Developers

 A Salesforce Developer is the API integration and code expert with thorough knowledge of programming languages as well as in Salesforce. Salesforce Developers create complex workflows, triggers, APEX development, complex validation rules, AppExchange and legacy platform integrations. (Basic field, object and page layout enhancements, and also data management are tasks a Salesforce Administrator will be able to handle). Hire one now.

Working with a Salesforce certified consultant mitigates cost and quality risks due to the ability to partner with a team of experienced specialists in the platform.

Why Companies Choose AppShark for Salesforce Consulting?

With experience completing over 500 projects and a 97% client satisfaction rate, AppShark is a choice partner among leading brands and innovation-driven startups for Salesforce consulting, implementation, or integration projects. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants are focused on meeting project deadlines, budget, and business objectives.

  1. Experienced Salesforce Partner– AppShark is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with strong authority in Salesforce integration services.
  2. Global Presence – We have a global presence with offices in Dallas, New Jersey, Toronto, and India.
  3. 100+ Consultants – Our Salesforce integration consultants offer wide experience in helping businesses integrate Salesforce with other software and apps seamlessly.
  4. Strong Expertise – Experts in various Salesforce products and industry verticals combined with an experienced resource pool, we offer end-to-end services in Salesforce CRM integration.
  5. Authority – Complete authority in various Salesforce Integration types including API, RPA, and Database, etc.

AppShark’s team of Salesforce Consultants can devise an end to end plan, right from strategy, development, and management. If you are a business looking for staffing and Salesforce consulting services, we got you covered.

Ready to Start A Project?

Making the move to Salesforce can quickly maximize the efficiency of your team, specific departments, and your entire company. With over 500 Salesforce projects completed over the past decade, AppShark is the ideal partner to help you make the transition, no matter how unique your situation.

How Can You Hire Our Salesforce Consultants and Developers? 

A Shared Team

Not every project calls for a dedicated team. This is especially true when the scope of the project doesn’t require a full-time resource. Enter the shared team option.
As it is with the dedicated option, a team or individual is assigned to your business and trained in your processes. Within the scope of the engagement, you assign the development and/or support duties. It’s probably no surprise to hear that when utilizing a shared team, task turnaround times are a bit slower than that of the dedicated team, and the team members will be working remotely.

A Block of Hours

In some instances, project tasks are few and far between. If this applies to you, you have the option to purchase a block of hours. This block remains active for a specific period, so it’s important to take advantage of the time when it is available.
Since the details of this model are wholly dependent on the nature of the work and the size of the block, we recommend that you contact an AppShark account representative for further details.


If you have a well-defined project with a fixed scope, AppShark can supply a team to work on that project.


In this model, we provide project-based estimates including time, effort, and cost. In order to ensure the project stays on track, we provide you with weekly customer demos which help in controlling scope changes and maintaining costs. The Offshore approach is a great option for projects with a well-defined and well-established scope.

Offsite (Global Development Center)

With an Offsite delivery model, you benefit from a highly-qualified development team located in our state-of-the-art Global Development Center. It’s the optimal choice for medium to large projects where scope creep is expected. It includes defined scrums with definitive scope, cost, and duration. It allows for maximum flexibility since it lends itself well to AppShark’s agile development methodology.

Blended (Offsite and Onsite)

A Blended approach is perfect for those projects requiring AppShark staff to execute onsite coordination and management. Here, we place a team or representative in your office to coordinate the day-to-day activities, oversee offshore delivery, and facilitate the communication between you and the offshore team.

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