Quickbooks Connect

AppShark’s Quickbooks connect integrates your QuickBooks Online with Salesforce. The package allows you to synchronize Accounts, Contacts, Products, Opportunities, Invoices and Receipts. With a configurable sync schedule, you have control over when and how often data is synced between the systems.

 AppShark Connect Benefits 

  • Access to Quickbooks data in Salesforce for better visibility for expenses, orders, invoices, and bill payments.
  • Create transactions, such as estimates, invoices, and sales receipts in either system, and see the data synced in the other system. Get the exact balance/pending amount for an account on Salesforce CRM for Sales or Customer Support teams who may not have access to Quickbooks.
  • Save time and prevent errors with automated, accurate data sync.
  • Create a unified view of the customer for Sales, Support and Accounting teams.

 AppShark Connect Features

  1. Configurable sync options – one-way or two-way sync. 
  2. Sync any Salesforce object to any QuickBooks object (most standard objects are pre-configured, others will require customization).
  3. Use Salesforce platform features to trigger actions like sending reminders for overdue invoices etc.
  4. Supported Sync methods:
    • Automatic – based on a Schedule (both one-way and two-way)
    • Trigger (Salesforce platform feature) – one-way push to Quickbooks  
    • Manual (record level) – on-demand, one-way push to Quickbooks at user’s discretion.
  5. Schedule-based sync can be configured to any interval of your choice; starting at 5 mins to a maximum of one month between automatic syncs.
  6. See up-to-date QuickBooks Online item pricing and availability in Salesforce.
  7. Supports Standard and Custom Objects in Salesforce.
  8. Detailed logs of Sync (success/failure etc.) maintained in Salesforce.

Foundation Connect

AppShark’s Foundation connect integrates your Foundation ERP with Salesforce. The package allows you to synchronize Accounts, Contacts, Jobs and Invoices. With a configurable sync schedule, you have control over when and how often data is synced between the systems.

  • Update data from Foundation to Salesforce
    • Bring any data held in Foundation to Salesforce either one-time or ongoing
  • Create new entries in Foundation from Salesforce
    • Customers
    • Contacts
    • Jobs
    • AR Invoices
  • Save time and prevent errors with automated, accurate data sync.

OneView Connect

Track your on-field assets with Pedigree OneView and Salesforce integration.

AppShark’s OneView Connect integrates Salesforce with Pedigree OneView. With this integration you will have asset information from OneView in Salesforce without having to login to two separate systems and increase access to this information for your customers & partners.

Integrating Pedigree OneView and Salesforce helps businesses establish a system where tracking of critical assets with exact coordinates and geo locations in near real-time is made easy.

  • Give you an eagle’s eye view of where your assets are geographically located in near real-time.
  • Gives you a historical view of any piece of equipment tracked in OneView, with up to 5 previous locations.
  • Ability to track the coordinates of a single or multiple equipment/assets on a map.
  • Increase visibility by sharing the asset-related information collected in Salesforce with community users (customer, partners etc.).

Bank Connect

Get banking, financial transactional data into Salesforce using Plaid.

AppShark’s Bank Connect ties your banks and other financial institutions to Salesforce using the Plaid API. With our integration between Plaid Platform and Salesforce CRM, you can get Account Balances, daily transactions etc., for various types of accounts, including banking, assets etc., provided the institution is supported by Plaid API.

Features & Benefits:

  • Connect with one or more financial institutions (Banks, Brokerages etc.)
  • Configure how often you want to bring data from connected institutions
  • Get account balances, and transactions for various account types (Brokerage, Credit Card, Checking, Savings etc.)
  • Data stored in Salesforce Custom objects
  • With data available in Salesforce, use platform features to control access to this data, automate certain processes, extensive reporting, dashboards etc.

RingCentral Connect

Easily Send and Manage Your Faxes with AppShark RingCentral Connect

RingCentral Connect makes it easy for you to send, receive & manage faxes by integrating Salesforce CRM with RingCentral Fax

Integrating RingCentral Fax and Salesforce gives you a unified interface to manage fax communications with your customers from within Salesforce without having to login to two separate systems. You can easily track progress and monitor status of faxes sent from Salesforce CRM through RingCentral Fax.


  • Previewing of the document or fax before being sent.
  • Automatic assignment of documents sent to Accounts, by correlating destination fax numbers with numbers stored in Contact object.
  • Track historical data of faxes sent and received by Account.
  • Use Salesforce platform features to automate Fax sending and processing of received faxes.

Shopify Connect

AppShark’s Shopify connect lets you integrate Shopify with your Salesforce instance. The package can connect single or multiple Shopify Stores with your Salesforce org and provide two-way synchronization between the two. This will allow you to sync Customers, Products and Orders between Shopify and Salesforce.

What do you get out of this integration?

  1. Sync data between the systems in real-time (using REST API) or batch mode (schedule)
  2. Based on your business needs, configure schedule sync settings in Salesforce through the provided UI
  3. Synchronize:
    • Shopify Customers with Salesforce Account object; Supports both Business and Person Accounts in Salesforce
    • Shopify Products with Salesforce Product; Supports Product variants, Images
    • Product’s Price based on the selected Price Book.
    • Orders with Salesforce Opportunity; Support Opportunity line items
  4. Orders and Products synced between the two systems to manage Inventory effectively
  5. Detailed logs of Sync (success/failure etc.) maintained in Salesforce.
  6. With data available in Salesforce, you can create various reports; e.g. list of unpaid orders, monthly revenue etc.

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