Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with Salesforce Community Cloud

The best companies stand out because of their customer service. You can enhance customer service with Salesforce Community Cloud. It makes it effortless to engage with the people who matter to your organization.

Community Cloud is a social platform for Salesforce that lets your organization connect, communicate, and collaborate with customers, donors, partners, and employees.

What Can Salesforce Community Cloud Do for My Organization?

Just by integrating Community Cloud seamlessly with Salesforce, you’ll transform all of your relationships.

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online portal that provides these benefits:

  • Saves time: Customers and partners can get answers quickly with publicly-posted questions and answers. Think of it as an interactive knowledge base.
  • Provides better customer service: Since the community contains answers to common questions, your customer support team can focus on more complex problems.
  • Engages customers: Your customers and partners can learn from each other by sharing ideas on how to make the most of your product or service.
  • Boosts productivity: Everything that’s shared in the community is easier to track and access than a bunch of emails filed in different places. Someone may have information in an email that no one else can access.
  • Grows sales: You and your partners will be able to share contacts, leads, and data. This prevents channel conflicts, provides partners with access to product experts, and permits you to share customizable dashboards and reports.
  • Allows access from anywhere: Community Cloud works with desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Users can get the information they need, when they need it.

You have limitless possibilities as you can add these features to your community:

  • Self-registration
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Custom applications
  • Order management
  • Case escalation
  • Chatter collaboration
  • Salesforce Files

Build Engaging Communities with Salesforce Community Cloud

Whether you use community for sales, services, or both, we can customize it any way you want. Here are some things you can do with Community Cloud:

  • Build communities quickly: Your community can be created using many types of templates, such as Salesforce Tab + Visualforce, Partner Central, Lightning Bolt, and Napili for faster deployment.
  • Customize communities: Request customization for your community to reflect your branding, user interface, tabs, functionality, and other requirements.
  • Enhance content management: Optimize your community content with tag-based content search, content sharing based on rules, and license requirements.
  • Create a partner community: Using a template to build a community only gets you halfway there. We can maximize your community for collaboration, file management, and Chatter.
  • Develop Visualforce pages: Visualforce pages make it possible to create custom user interfaces. Our team can do this for communities with JQuery plugins and bootstrap.
  • Add a knowledge base: Customers like knowledge bases and articles because it helps them get answers to their questions quickly. We can build a user-friendly knowledge base to help your customers help themselves.

Once implemented, using and maintaining the community is effortless. Implementing it, however, is not. Get everything you need in your community with help from an experienced and certified Salesforce developer like those on our team. All your Salesforce requirements can become a reality with AppShark’s Salesforce consulting and implementation services.

If you need things done that aren’t listed, please contact us with your requirements. Our Salesforce development team can customize the CRM software to meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more out of Community Cloud besides what comes out of the box?

Salesforce Community Cloud offers many options, everything from integrating existing third party apps to custom Salesforce development. If you need more functionality or customization, we can make suggestions. We have experts who can make recommendations and implement them.

I need my other apps to work with Salesforce Community Cloud. Is this possible?

Yes, we can identify opportunities for integrations and suggest tools that work with other systems and apps. Such apps include accounting, finance, customer service systems, and another CRM.

Once implemented, what do we need to do to ensure everyone uses Salesforce and all of its features?

The companies most successful with Salesforce include training as part of the process. You’ll see a quicker ROI when you make sure your users receive proper training. We can develop and provide training based on your needs and learning preferences. Training can be in-person, references, videos, web-based, or a combination.

What about training for new employees?

Companies successful with Salesforce include training as part of the new employee on-boarding process.

What about the data we already have?

We can migrate your data from different platforms and import it into Salesforce Community Cloud. Data can be from spreadsheets, legacy databases, and other software.

Ask us any questions or to learn more, please contact us now.

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