AppSharks’ certified experts can help you customize and configure Marketing Cloud Account Engagement from the very beginning, increasing your overall ROI from day 1. As an extension of your core database, proper configuration and user training are key components in realizing full power of the system.

AppShark Ordering package is a Salesforce app to accept online orders. The app can be used to accept orders for any product/service with a simple price list. Orders can be placed and once verified, payment can be collected online. 

This package uses Salesforce Sites. A url to the site can be placed on the marketing site to direct ordering traffic. This is an unmanaged package and can be customized/extended to fit your business needs.

Prerequisites: Salesforce Standard objects – Products & Price books need to have valid data, and Sites must be configured.

Email address verification – Before an order can be placed, the package requires the user to verify their email address. This is accomplished by sending a code to the supplied email and requiring the user to confirm that code and validate their email address.

Key Features:

Web Orders: A Sites page is designed to pull data from Products and Pricebooks to facilitate order entry by any website visitor. There is no authentication other than email address validation. The page captures information about the Visitor, the products they are interested in, quantities and a few other details. Once the page is submitted, the information is sent to Salesforce as a new Lead, and an acknowledgement is sent to the visitor’s email address.

Order Verification & Creation: A Sales Representative that is assigned the newly created lead can perform additional verification of the order by contacting the Lead using the contact information provided. A final quantity, price and timeline can be confirmed before submitting the order in Salesforce. Once submitted, the package will create an Account, Contact and an Order from the Lead. If there are multiple locations, the Sales Representative may assign the order to the appropriate Store/outlet/location for fulfillment.

Multiple store support: Once an order is placed, if there are multiple locations and multiple departments, the app can generate specific prep sheets and work orders per store and department, such that various teams only receive items applicable/appropriate for them, resulting in reduced errors and more efficient management.

Calculate Taxes: Sales Tax will be calculated based on the location. This must be configured in the app in advance to ensure accuracy.

Online Payment: App integrates with payment gateways to collect payment for the order.

Delivery Schedule Calendar: Orders will be visible in the event calendar for the operations team to keep an eye on their fulfillment schedule.

Order PDF: Prep Sheets/Order details can be viewed & downloaded in PDF format for the operations team to work off of.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Using Web to Lead, visitors can fill the order details online and submit

Internal users can closely monitor incoming inquiries and respond to customers

Collect payments online for orders

Internal users can add additional details from customer to the existing orders

Stores can view orders online and prepare the order

Order details can be viewed / downloaded as PDF (Generate Prep sheet)

Integration with Salesforce Community Cloud

Integration with Google Calendar