AppShark is a seasoned Salesforce consulting and custom development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with offices in New Jersey, Toronto, and Hyderabad. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you get more out of your team and your company, let AppShark be it.

We are here to support your business and it’s growth – from planning software that will move the needle, to developing that software and supporting you through the entire rollout.

At AppShark, we create and deliver custom software solutions that will enable you to achieve your business goals speedily and effectively.

We break our business into two main categories: Custom software development and Salesforce consulting/implementation. Between the two, we have successfully completed more than 500 projects, each with a unique set of specifications and expectations. You can count on our experienced professionals to help you plan, develop, and roll out your new software or CRM successfully.

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Salesforce Consulting Services

AppShark is both a Gold Consulting Partner and a Product Development Partner- a powerful combination that clearly explains our deep connection and experience with Salesforce. We start our Salesforce implementation process by evaluating your existing business practice and objectives.

Our implementation process – including customization, set up, and configuration – has been perfected through the many years we have served in the Salesforce industry. We will also provide software integration services including strategy, development, and management to enable a continual flow of information from the cloud, premise to premise or from cloud to premise platforms.

Why AppShark for Salesforce?

With over 500 projects completed and a 97% client satisfaction rate, there is absolutely no doubt that AppShark is an excellent choice for your Salesforce consulting, implementation development or integration projects. Our team of certified professionals always put you first by focusing on deadlines, budget, and your goals.

With a global team of professionals, you will have access to top talent at reasonable prices. Couple our client-first mindset with our industry experience, and the only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is getting in touch with one of our specialists.

Custom Development Services

We, at AppShark, realize that the market will not always offer you a readymade solution for your needs. This is why we offer custom development services that take into account specific business processes that add value to your business.

In our experience developing custom software, we’ve been a part of solving the following common problems, plus many more:
-A solution to pressing business revenue problems.
-A tool for business brand management.
-A way of improving productivity and efficiency across organizations.
-An effective way of improving the accuracy of data integration used for decision making.
-Developing a new service that’s based nearly all on new software.
-An interactive engagement tool for brands to better understand customers.
-Integrating and consolidating processes and systems.
-A flexible and scalable solution that adapts to business needs.
Our years of experience with custom development helps us guide our clients through typical software development life-cycle phases of a project including:
-Analysis of specific needs of the business.
-The solution defining process.
-Development, Testing, Integration, Implementation, Introduction, and Maintenance of the final solution.

Custom Development Pricing

Every custom development project is unique. Get in touch to receive a pricing quote for your project today.

We primarily work with small-to-medium-sized businesses and look forward to

helping you identify and understand your unique software development needs.

Are You Ready to Leverage Quality Software Development and Implementation Services?

Our mission at AppShark is to provide software development and implementation services for transformation ready business, in a solution-oriented environment. We take an honest approach to serving clients, helping them know that they are cared for, and empowering them to save money along the way.

If your organization is ready to grow and transform with Salesforce and/or custom software, you are in the right place. By outsourcing your custom software development and Salesforce CRM needs to us, you will be in a better position to concentrate on growing and developing your company.