Open SMS Pro

Open SMS Pro is a Salesforce native app that embeds SMS messaging features in to your Salesforce instance. It allows a user to send single or bulk SMS from any Salesforce or application. It is a simple and practical way to connect with leads and contacts.

Using Open SMS Pro, you can:

  • Send single or bulk messages to Leads or Contacts
  • Receive incoming messages into Salesforce
  • Send SMS Campaigns from Salesforce using the Campaign object
  • Create and Track Activities on Contacts or Leads for all SMS interactions
  • Send SMS messages from Workflows
  • Get Comprehensive analysis on SMS activity through comprehensive reports and dashboards
  • Send quick messages from predefined templates
  • Use The Open APIs to embed SMS features into your applications
  • Chat with leads or contacts directly from Salesforce
  • You can configure the default gateway or setup your preferred gateway

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