About AppShark

AppShark is a leading provider of Salesforce, Mobile (Native, Hybrid), Custom development (Java, .NET, HTML5) & integration, and Cloud solutions. In 2013, SourcingLine named us a ‘Top Salesforce Consultant.’

Since our founding in 2007, we have been dedicated to providing innovative, scalable and inexpensive solutions in these areas.

Enterprises can leverage our world-class infrastructure and strong domain expertise to build, manage, deploy and support world-class solutions that drive business growth.

AppShark builds and manages smart software solutions that drive business results by increasing sales, engaging stakeholders and improving operational efficiency.

The AppShark Advantage

  •  Proven Experience– We have extensive experience developing innovative solutions using the latest tools and technologies.
  • Certified– Our resources are not only skilled and cross-trained in multiple technologies, they also undergo regular certification exams to keep pace with changing technologies.
  • Methodology – We follow an integrated, interactive development process based on a proprietary Agile Execution/Lean development approach.
  • Economy – We offer competitive pricing and flexible engagement models that can be tailored to fit specific needs and suit any budget.
  • Quality and Dedicated Support – We follow a rigorous quality control process to minimize errors and provide dedicated support teams for quick and effective issue resolution.
  • Choice of Delivery Models – Clients are given a choice of on-shore, off-shore and blended delivery models which can be adapted to suit their specific requirements.

Mission Statement

We have a long-term vision which starts with an enduring mission to help our customers and partners build, deliver and manage innovative software solutions. Our future goals are planned in accordance with this mission which serves as the standard for measuring our actions, strategic decisions and performances.


Our global headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas and we have a state-of-the-art global development facility (GDC) in Hyderabad, India. Here in our GDC facility, technical expertise is supplemented by the latest technologies in software, hardware and networking which accelerates development projects, reduces turnaround time and increases productivity. We also provide a secure environment and sophisticated network security equipment for complete data security.

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AppShark specializes in Salesforce, Mobile, Custom development and Cloud solutions