Unified Broadcasting System (UBS)

The Unified Broadcasting System (UBS) can broadcast messages to different audiences via desktops, public LCD monitors and mobile devices (SMS). The content can be changed according to the type of audience and the receiving device. UBS offers the following types of broadcasting options:


Reach out to your audience anytime, anywhere.

Desktop Broadcasting

Users can send short, eye-catching messages to desktop and mobile users via pop-up alerts, scrolling tickers, HTML messages, audio and video SMSs.

Digital Broadcasting

Users can create their own information channel for public LCD monitors with content that incorporates and integrates data from Flash, websites, RSS feeds, databases and other sources.

Interactive SMS

Interactive SMS or iSMS can be integrated with a preferred SMS gateway to connect with employees and customers via SMS.

UBS offers comprehensive features and functionalities through a messaging management console which allows the user to set the message content, type, recipients and delivery schedule. All messages are delivered by ‘push’ methodology – they are received and stored locally. The broadcast can be made with different attributes; the message will be displayed as per the characteristics set by the sender.

Message recipients can also manage language, profile and other settings from their systems.

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