"Your message, Your audience, Your way"

A comprehensive message broadcasting solution that sends messages to
different audiences based on the type and content of the message.

ubs can be used to send Desktop Alerts to your employees, have a corporate Digital Signage system with real-time data display, provide a Two-Way-SMS based service system that can answer routine questions from employees, customers, prospects, partners etc.

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Desktop Broadcasting

Desktop & Mobile Alerts

Send short, attention getting messages to desktop users and mobile phones. Pop-up Alerts, Scrolling Tickers, HTML messages, Audio and Video and SMS messages.


Digital Broadcasting

Digital Signage

Create your own information channel with rich content for public displays (LCDs). Content mixed with data from various sources like flash, websites, RSS feeds, Databases etc.


Interactive SMS

SMS-enable your business

SMS-enable your business. Using iSMS, integrate with an SMS gateway of your choice and let your employees and customers interact with your systems via SMS.

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