Streamline Revenue with Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ helps automate quote-generation. Integrating CPQ with Salesforce CRM amplifies a host of other benefits it offers.

It is but a fact that customer-driven industries have to yield to demands of instant and accurate information with a smooth guided selling experience. The CPQ software dissolves old-fashioned sales enablement software and an Excel doc churned out by overworked salespeople and brings a more scalable quick selling solution to the table.

Salesforce CPQ is easy to use on any device and available 24/7 as it is hosted at Sales cloud platform rendering business direct access to the CRM & other applications useful for impactful sales.

Salesforce CPQ and CRM integration buy back the time in your sales process which is now critical for businesses where brand loyalty is determined by the speed of service and pricing agility.

 In this light, the following e-book will help you understand- 

  • The role of technology in Sales.
  • What is CPQ and how does it transform sales?
  • How do you know you need an upgraded CPQ?
  • An illustration of how CPQ-CRM integration benefits a business.
  • More on Salesforce CRM and CPQ integration.

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