AppShark has vast experience with both Marketing Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. From connectivity to configuration to customization, we can help you implement a highly functional Salesforce instance to help drive Lead generation and increase Sales. With flexible and cost-effective engagement models, you can hire our experts and maximize your Salesforce ROI.

Our certified Marketing Cloud experts will have a full understanding of your current and desired go-to-market initiatives before we recommend a specific configuration for your company. We collaborate with clients in designing the ideal marketing journeys, analytics and reporting. Through this process, clients gain valuable insights as to the effectiveness of their efforts and can quickly adjust on the fly, leaving you more agile and able to adjust to marketing trends.

Constructing static and dynamic templates for content and emails

Utilizing personalization strings and AMPscript in emails to personalize messages

Building smart capture forms to collect data via landing pages

Creating segmented lists to send precisely targeted messages to specific customer groups

Simplifying customer self-management by building a Customer Profile Center and Preference Center that allow customers to update their own information

Setting up complex automations in Automation Studio to move customers through the journey (execute multiple steps on an immediate, triggered, or scheduled basis)

Building and extracting weekly reports to stay up to date with data including email deliverability, open rates, click rates, etc.

Employing Journey Builder to interact with your customers via personalized routes and through cross channel marketing.

Multi-division email deliverability using private domains and business units.

Improving email deliverability for various sender profiles.

Coordinating DNS entries for delegation or self-hosted DNS

Integrate Sales cloud and Marketing cloud using Marketing cloud connect

Our Managed Marketing Services include the following

Becoming a part of your Marketing team to understand your strategy, prepare a Marketing cloud implementation plan and assist in executing the plan including,

Integrating with various data sources to launch event-based journeys (Abandoned cart, etc.)

Adjusting journeys based on journey performance

Re-engaging past customers through cross channel marketing tactics in Journey Builder

Maintaining engagement and building on the relationships with customers who attend your events. Send pre-event and post event follow ups through Journey Builder

Building weekly, daily, monthly automated reports to analyze data from various channels including SMS, Email, and Journey Builder.

Scheduling email sends for monthly newsletters

Setting up a geofence around your company’s desired physical location that triggers an action when your customers are nearby. This could include sending a coupon to customers when they visit your company’s physical location

Creating custom email content blocks to pull subscriber data based on specific rules relevant to the email campaign your company is developing

Uploading new forms on the website to capture subscriber interest for an upcoming event or webinar

Building a birthday coupon journey to personalize email sends on your subscriber’s birthday each year

Creating a survey form to embed within an email to gather more data about your subscriber and understand their interests

Filtering Sales Cloud data into data extension, coming in from Marketing Cloud Connect, so you can utilize Sales data as it evolves

Continuing to acquire new audiences using the lookalike audience feature in advertising studio

In addition to implementing and optimizing Marketing Cloud, AppShark certified resources can also assist in integrating Marketing Cloud with other systems as well as migrating configurations, automating personalization, and training your team. Plus, we can boost your ROI on Marketing Cloud by incorporating HubExchange applications.

Packages/Engagement Models

We provide the following packages/engagement models that can be customized based on your requirements and budget:


Packages Time Line Status
QuickStart $ 4 weeks to go live No
QuickStart Plus $$ 8 weeks to go live No
Standard $$$ **Varies by scope** Yes
Refresh **Varies by scope** Yes

Managed Services

Block of hours

Shared Resources

Dedicated Resources/Teams