CPQ for Salesforce

Gain up to 40 hours of expert guidance to configure any one of the following:

  • Setup
    Implement best practices before Salesforce CPQ installation Install and set up the Salesforce CPQ package Assist in User Setup Configure CPQ Licenses and Permission Sets
  • Products and Bundle Configuration
    Create Products and Price Books Configure Product Bundles, including nested ones Enhance Product Bundles using features and configuration attributes Establish support for multiple currencies Guide customers to suitable products through guided selling
  • Pricing
    Configure pricing structures with various models for pricing and discounts Automate price and discount calculations Implement actions on Product Bundles based on user-defined conditions and queries Define intricate rules for block and cost pricing
  • Quotes
    Automate template selection Set up conditionally rendered Quote Templates Implement multi-dimensional quoting processes Translate Quotes into multiple languages Configure Quotes to accommodate varying Subscription Terms and Co-Term add-on orders
  • Advanced Approvals
    Set up Advanced Approvals with Salesforce CPQ Manage Advanced Approval Permissions Establish Approvers and Approver Groups Configure Approval Rules Set up Approval Chains Configure Approval Email Notifications
  • Renewal and Amendment Model
    Configure Asset-Based or Contract-Based Renewal Models Set up Renewal Opportunity and Renewal Quote Processes with ease Automate Amendments and Renewals for seamless continuity across Assets and Subscriptions tied to your account
  • Orders
    Set up Salesforce CPQ with Order Management Allow for multiple orders on Quotes Generate Accurate Revenue Reports with Bookings Set up Tax Exemptions on your account.

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