Salesforce Shopify eCommerce Integration – Case Study

Salesforce powered Order & Revenue Monitoring System For A Luxury Lifestyle Brand


Our client is a famous American luxury lifestyle brand that offers a range of leather bags and other products for men and women. The company’s products can be found in over 130 luxury lifestyle stores worldwide.


The lifestyle brand sells its products through exclusive stores and its website. It was moving to a new e-commerce platform and opening a new flagship store. The company wanted to integrate their online and offline operations so as to get a 360-degree view of their entire business operations.

 Our team optimized Salesforce platforms to enable collecting data from all the sources. We integrated Salesforce with the ecommerce platform to facilitate enhanced Product and Case Management. To track sales in retail stores and collect data on the Salesforce platform, the team built and implemented a custom integration Solution. Now, store associates could create shopping carts in Salesforce and sync it with the POS system to complete payments.


The company’s leadership now gets 360-degree visibility of the entire operations such as tracking of orders from both the retail and online stores for starters. 

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