Streamlined Sales and Order Processing with Salesforce

Building A Complete Sales, Orders and Payment Processing Platform Using Salesforce

Key Highlights

  • A lift chair manufacturer wanted to build a platform that can manage its entire Sales, Orders, and Payment Processing. The company wanted to-
  1. Get a complete view from Leads To Deals
  2. Automate certain Sales Tasks
  3. Generate quotes, contracts and facilitate digital signature
  4. Conduct real-time credit checks of customers opting for monthly payment plans
  5. Manage order processing
  6. Manage online payments through bank payments and credit cards
  7. Keep track of monthly payments
  • Our team recommended implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud along with multiple integrations with 3rd party systems to enhance the capabilities of the platform.
  • The platform helped the company in not only efficiently managing its entire operations but also enhancing employee productivity and client satisfaction.

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