Case Study on Real-Time Equipment Tracking

Streamlining Asset Management: AppShark’s Innovative Solution for Real-Time Equipment Tracking


An oil and gas company based in Artesia excels in oil rig mobilization, crane services, production services, and pipe-yard storage and transportation. With full-service terminals located in Artesia, Hobbs, Carlsbad (New Mexico), and Odessa (Texas), the company is renowned for its dedication to delivering top-notch services. To further enhance their operations, they seek a platform that can provide real-time visibility and enable efficient tracking of their assets and equipment. By capitalizing on such a solution, the company aims to optimize its business and continue providing unparalleled services to its clients.


AppShark’s team successfully implemented a solution for the client, enabling real-time tracking of machinery and equipment. By leveraging Pedigree and Leaflet.js within Salesforce, this solution has provided the client with the following benefits:

1. Live equipment location tracking: Through the integration of Pedigree, the solution allows the client to obtain the live location of their equipment and map it to the relevant ID. This feature ensures accurate and up-to-date information on equipment whereabouts.

2. Color-coded location history: The solution displays the last five known locations of the equipment, utilizing a color-coded system to highlight the latest and previous locations. This visual representation enhances tracking capabilities and provides a clear understanding of equipment movement.

3. Real-time geo-location updates: Using Leaflet.js within the Salesforce Lightning component, the solution offers live updates of geo-locations. This functionality allows for the display of equipment locations on a map, facilitating detailed tracking of assets.


AppShark’s customer-centric solution has delivered remarkable results for the client, enabling them to track assets in real time and access up-to-date equipment location information. With this customized functionality in place, the company has experienced significant time savings while gaining a comprehensive understanding of its services. AppShark’s solution has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also provided valuable insights, ensuring the client remains at the forefront of asset-tracking technology.

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