Sales and Marketing Cloud Implementation and Integration

Align marketing and sales efforts with an integrated Salesforce platform.


A critical cleaning care manufacturer and distributor set up shop in 1946 to supply residue-free professional-grade cleaning agents for industries across 50 countries world over. The reputed brand supplies the best laboratory detergents to pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, and several other ancillary industries. The brand also offers custom blended and private labeled detergents on demand. The business relied on proprietary applications that recorded samples sent out, inquiries that came in, marketing efforts carried on independently, and all of such for the dealer network as well.  


Team AppShark proposed to implement a unified system of the Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Sales Cloud was kick-started by deploying communication templates and mapping prospects/customer information between the existing applications. The Case management feature helped segregate leads and cases, assigning them to relevant teams along with a queue system wherever group involvement was needed. 

Automated email responses, case management reviews with a single view, dashboard reports helped understand and track sales transactions easily. 

Next – Marketing Cloud implementation helped harness the productivity of personalized email campaigns with data that flowed in from Sales Cloud (the brand handed out samples and collected customer information via web forms). With the help of an integrated platform, customer journeys could be mapped clearly, thereby facilitating targeted customer engagement.


The brand could now extract the maximum outcome via distribution of the samples, capture lead information, and automate marketing efforts as per customer journeys identified thereon. The brand could bring forth faster and more productive team collaboration, efficiency in handling gaps in customer requirements, etc. 

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