Marketing Agency Case Study – AppShark

Integrating Salesforce and a lead management system saves costs and brings about faster response times.


The brand provided a platform, a navigation tool that offered information, features, and resources and helped connect students with colleges and universities. With their multi-dimensional marketing and content strategies they reached out to students worldwide and referred them to colleges based on campaign based parameters. It is ranked as the country’s one number one site for information and resources on tackling career decisions, tertiary studies, and life after school.


The brand functioned with a hosted solution that helps lead generation and management over the years and was unable to keep up with the growing demands in the business and slowed down service. Since the solution reported limitations (time consumed in handling data and porting the same into analytics) and was not customizable, it needed replacement. AppShark proposed deployment of Sales Cloud and integrating the same with this lead management application without any loss of functionality in a record deadline given for the project. With minimal coding, lowered systems overhead, and maximized use of packaged code in an agile environment in technology the project was completed within the time given.


The brand could successfully capture lead data, process the same with Salesforce, and push it further for analytics seamlessly. The brand cut costs generated quick turnaround times and witnessed a boost in its competitive image.

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