Sales Cloud Einstein

Help Your Sales Team Sell Smarter

Every part of Salesforce gets smarter with Einstein as it contains artificial intelligence (AI) made specifically for the platform.

Adding AI to Sales Cloud Einstein means your sales team gets their own personal data scientist. Sales Cloud Einstein guides the sales team in all their activities — everything from identifying ideal contacts to highlighting the hottest opportunities.

How Organizations Benefit from Sales Cloud Einstein in Salesforce

If you would like your sales team to make more sales, give them tools that make time for more selling — and less data analysis. With Sales Cloud Einstein, sales pros will stop spending hours poring over endless amounts of data to find the top opportunities and leads because it automatically does that for every stage of the sales process.

Here is how Sales Cloud Einstein provides valuable predictions, recommendations, and insights for every phase of sales:

  • Einstein Activity Capture: Users regain time as this connects their emails and calendars to Salesforce. Any time an appointment appears in the calendar, it gets added to Salesforce. No more copy-paste or re-entering information in Salesforce.
  • Einstein Lead Scoring: Looks at past deals to predict and recommend the best ones to act on where leads are most likely to convert faster.
  • Einstein Opportunity Insights: Alerts the team when a deal is at risk or on track. It also provides best actions to take to speed the sales cycle and improve chances of winning the deal.
  • Einstein Account Insights: Keeps sales on top of customer news, M&A activity, and expansion updates. No one will lose precious time scouring the news about every customer to get valuable information that can enhance the relationship.
  • Einstein Automated Contacts: Reviews emails and appointments to identify new contacts and offer suggestions for automatically adding the contact’s records to Salesforce.
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring: Categorizes, highlights, and prioritizes the most valuable opportunities based on facts, such as deal size and executive engagement.
  • Einstein Forecasting: Makes precise, personalized sales forecasts by evaluating, processing, and understanding essential factors like seasonality and past performance.
  • Einstein Email Insights: Acts as an email assistant by finding the most important emails and recommending the best action to help the sales team prioritize their inbox and quickly handle client needs.

Together, all of these powerful features will boost sales productivity — when Sales Cloud Einstein is correctly configured and implemented.

How to Implement Sales Cloud Einstein in Salesforce

Simply implementing out-of-the-box Sales Cloud Einstein will not deliver the best results for your sales team. To achieve maximum performance and productivity, you need to adapt Salesforce to fit your organization, not the other way around.

At AppShark, we follow this process to implement Sales Cloud Einstein to match the needs of your organization:

1. Review your business process: Our team works with your organization to understand how your sales team operates. This evaluation includes completing a readiness report.

2. Set up Sales Cloud Einstein: Using the business process as the groundwork, we optimize the configuration of Sales Cloud Einstein to meet your requirements and match your processes.

3. Get Einstein predictions: Einstein starts providing predictions, forecasts, and recommended actions.

4. Provide training and support: The successful implementation of the Sales Cloud Einstein demands training and post-implementation support. We work with your organization to verify competency, so everyone benefits from Salesforce Einstein.

With our help, Sales Cloud Einstein will work harder and smarter to help your sales team get their jobs done faster and efficiently.

Discover How Sales Cloud Einstein Can Make a Difference to Your Sales Team

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