AppShark at the Salesforce1 World Tour, Dallas

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On July 14th, 2014|News, Cloud, Salesforce

The recent Salesforce 1 World Tour held at The Fairmont, Dallas on June 18, saw some of the best minds in Salesforce come together for a day-long session on the all new Salesforce1 platform. Salesforce experts, partners and customers convened to showcase innovative Salesforce solutions which leverage the power of Salesforce1 to change the way..

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AppShark Expands into the Middle East

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On July 8th, 2014|General, News

  A strategic partnership is an alliance that arises from a need to push the boundaries and results in the combination of skills offered by both the partners. For AppShark, a year of rapid progress in terms of company strength and revenue has prompted the move towards expansion into the yet untapped markets of Middle..

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OpenSMS: Send Individual or Bulk SMS from Salesforce

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On July 1st, 2014|Mobile, Salesforce

  With companies choosing the enterprise mobility route for expanding their businesses, it is safe to say that instant messaging is the most practical way to connect and network with clients, prospects and even employees. Whether it is to advertise a new product/service, launch a campaign, send alerts and information titbits, or just connect with company stakeholders,..

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Quick Books Integration with Salesforce

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On June 25th, 2014|Salesforce

Every company has its own set of processes and functions performed by multiple applications and systems that are unique to their line of business, but there are times when some of these applications are incompatible and present a tough challenge to the user – how do you make them work together as a harmonious whole?..

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Tablet 20: AppShark’s FREE geo-location app

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On June 16th, 2014|Mobile, Salesforce

Every company needs a great sales team to promote its business and active mobile teams on the field are a crucial part of any sales team. However, it also important for the management to have complete visibility over the movement of the field sales agents throughout the business day to ensure better productivity. AppShark’s Tablet..

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”Success with Salesforce”

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On June 2nd, 2014|Salesforce

Salesforce has taken Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level. A large number of organizations, both big and small, are increasingly adopting Salesforce to enhance their existing customer service, expand their businesses and maximize their return on investment. However, for small businesses that cannot afford the luxury of complex infrastructure and extensive resources, Salesforce..

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AppShark has moved to Dallas!

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On May 26th, 2014|General

We are happy to announce that AppShark has moved to Dallas, Texas.  Founded in 2007, our increased growth in terms of revenue and team size has allowed us to start the New Year on a great note by moving to a new location in Dallas! Our new office is located at: 4040 McEwen Rd Suite..

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AppShark’s Account Hierarchy package

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On May 20th, 2014|Salesforce

While it can be generally said that Salesforce has changed the very concept of Customer Relationship Management, it is also true that each industry has its own challenges and requirements when it comes to building stronger relationships with its clients and employees. These challenges are unique to each company and as such, often demand tailored..

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