Open SMS Open SMS Pro

Open SMS Pro is a Salesforce native app that embeds SMS messaging features in to your Salesforce instance. It allows a user to send single or bulk SMS from any Salesforce or application. It is a simple and practical way to connect with leads and contacts.

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UBS Unified Broadcasting System (UBS)

The Unified Broadcasting System (UBS) is a comprehensive message broadcasting solution that sends messages to different audiences based on the type and content of the message. Send messages simultaneously to desktop users, public LCD monitors and mobile devices via SMS.

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Account Hierarchy Account Hierarchy

Each industry has its own challenges and requirements when it comes to building stronger relationships with clients and employees.

AppShark’s Account Hierarchy package allows you to customize your account hierarchy page in Salesforce to suit your specific business requirements. It provides a global, complete view of a company, its customers, partners and subsidiaries. ¬†With this customized package, the user can:

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Lead Conversion Lead Conversion

For a company to increase its revenue it is not just enough to generate leads; the leads have to be effectively converted into customers/clients.

In Salesforce, “Leads” is a key object containing crucial information such as contact details of your potential customers. AppShark’s Lead Conversion package allows you to convert individual Leads into any custom object, update the custom object records and save time and effort by converting multiple leads simultaneously…

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