Setup, Configuration, Customization and Training for new and existing Salesforce instances, including QuickStart


Integrate Salesforce with ERP, Accounting, Databases, Cloud Apps, legacy and on-premise systems using api or tools


Custom development services including Visualforce, Apex, Lightning Components, Web Apps, Services and Mobile Apps

Remote Staffing

Remote Salesforce certified Admins, Developers and Consultants available to engage as dedicated or shared resources


8 Advantages of Custom Software Development

A recent article from Gartner makes predictions about how in 2020 and beyond businesses are slated to bring about noteworthy changes in workflows, how employees function, and the role of technology in the entire scheme of these developments.  Gartner explains that...

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Salesforce Health Cloud vs. Epic – What should you choose?

Business insider quotes," The global internet of medical things (IoMT) market is expected to swell to $158 billion valuations in 2022 up from about $41 billion in 2017."  The health care segment has been witnessing a disruption of sorts with digital health care...

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Healthcare Analytics: Why Every Hospital Should Use it?

Hospitals use a lot of technology today. And, every digital equipment or an app is generating lots of data. However, the data is just piles of ‘zeros’ and ‘ones’ unless you try to process it and extract actionable intelligence and insights from it. Yes, data without...

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