Prompted by changing business needs and the advent of cloud technology, most businesses have made the shift from traditional data centers to cloud and multi-device accessibility.

Businesses today require proprietary and business-specific applications not provided by old legacy apps such as VB6, Cobol, old .NET,ASP, old Java, Delphi and others. AppShark’s development teams are specially trained to convert such legacy apps to current .NET standards, add HTML5 for mobile access and deploy them on the cloud. Our services include:

  • Development Platform upgrade (windows legacy apps to .NET)
  • Platform migration (non-windows legacy apps to .NET)
  • Consolidation of various small, related applications
  • Roll-up of small applications to enterprise computing systems

An effective migration drives down the total cost of ownership while increasing performance and operational efficiency.  Our services are designed to evaluate your existing applications, propose the necessary upgrades and effect a successful transition through:

  • Conversion of legacy applications including Legacy Access, Visual Basic, old Java, Cobol, Delphi and early versions of .NET to current .NET
  • Consolidation of multiple applications into one powerful application
  • Addition and development of new features and specifications
  • Addition of mobile capabilities using native or non-native HTML5
  • Deployment of cloud in various high-availability configurations
  • Management and maintenance of the applications

We also have extensive experience in working with cloud through Salesforce.com, Google Collaboration Platform, Microsoft Azure, and public and private cloud services.

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