AppSharks’ certified experts can help you customize and configure Marketing Cloud Account Engagement from the very beginning, increasing your overall ROI from day 1. As an extension of your core database, proper configuration and user training are key components in realizing full power of the system.

Our team begins the implementation by integrating Marketing Cloud Account Engagement to your core Salesforce database. From that point, we configure the system to automate your process and create a closed loop process for marketing efforts, allowing you to see which campaigns are seeing the best results and which ones are not effective. The main steps in setting up this Salesforce cloud include:

Implement website tracking

Create a vanity tracking for domain for links

Implement email authentication to maximize email deliverability

Integration of the Salesforce CRM – map Account Engagement and Salesforce Fields sync with select Salesforce Users, activate connected campaigns, add Account Engagement Fields and lists to Sales Cloud Page Layouts, and migrate pre-existing leads from Salesforce.

Asset Configuration – create email Templates, segmentation lists, forms, landing pages, and other assets you will need to have to take advantage of Account Engagement’s marketing tools.

Create automation rules, completion actions, nurture programs and campaigns This includes building out an Engagement Studio program.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
Our Managed Services in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement include the following services:

Becoming a part of your Marketing Team to understand your strategy, prepare an Account Engagement implementation plan, and assist in executing the plan including:

Working with your team to create additional marketing assets as they become relevant down the road:

  • Engagement Studio Campaigns- nurture Leads, adjusting engagement studio programs based on their performance, re-engage old customers 
  • Automation Rules- take action based on a prospect’s previous activity or performance 
  • Landing pages
  • Forms – capture additional prospect information 

Configure additional tracking and attribution metrics including B2B marketing analytics, campaign influence, and multi-touch attribution dashboard

Creating and executing email campaigns

Scheduling email sends for monthly newsletters

Deploying Lead scoring

Set lead assignments- could be based on territory, job title, lead score

Create a survey form to embed in emails to capture prospect interests

In addition to implementing and optimizing Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, AppShark certified resources can also assist in integrating Marketing Cloud Account Engagement with other systems as well as migrating configurations, ongoing marketing automation support and strategy, and training your team

Packages/Engagement Models

We provide the following packages/engagement models that can be customized based on your requirements and budget:


Packages Time Line Status
QuickStart $ 4 weeks to go live No
QuickStart Plus $$ 8 weeks to go live No
Standard $$$ **Varies by scope** Yes
Refresh **Varies by scope** Yes

Managed Services

Block of hours

Shared Resources

Dedicated Resources/Teams