Lead Conversion

For a company to increase its revenue it is not just enough to generate leads; the leads have to be effectively converted into customers/clients.

In Salesforce, “Leads” is a key object containing crucial information such as contact details of your potential customers. AppShark’s Lead Conversion package allows you to convert individual Leads into any custom object, update the custom object records and save time and effort by converting multiple leads simultaneously, using the ‘Bulk Convert’ option. With our customized package:

Lead Conversion

Convert and update leads to any custom object.

  • A lead can be converted into any custom object along with standard Account, Contact and Opportunity
  • Instead of converting each lead individually, bulk conversion of leads is possible (250 records can be converted at the same time).
  • The user can update existing records of the custom object with the lead information

The Standard Lead conversion in Salesforce only allows you to convert a lead into Account, Contact and Opportunity. There is no option for bulk conversion of leads; each lead has to be individually and painstakingly converted. The standard package also offers a limited field mapping option.

AppShark’s customized Lead conversion package allows the user to convert leads into any custom object along with the standard objects of Account, Contact and Opportunity. The user can update existing records of the custom object with lead information and field mapping can be done by choosing any field from a similar Lead. Our package also offers you a Bulk Conversion option where 250 leads can be converted simultaneously, thereafter, the user can run it multiple times if they want to convert more records.

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