Einstein Discovery

Get Your Own Personal Data Scientist from Salesforce

Artificial intelligence (AI) does a great job slicing and dicing data to cook up insights. However, users cannot always act on the insights and facts because of the complicated way AI presents them. It leaves a gap between the analysis and taking action on it.

A data scientist can fill this gap. Many organizations do not have access to resources and expertise to turn these valuable insights into stories. Now Salesforce users can get the answers they need to apply to their business with their own personal “data scientist” through Einstein Discovery.

How Do I Benefit from Einstein Discovery?

With Einstein Discovery, Salesforce users can automate the analysis of data and get predictions without building complex algorithms. Einstein Discovery analyzes many data combinations in minutes. Then, it converts the insights and predictions into answers that users need to make decisions and take action.

With Einstein Analytics, users visually learn what happened and what has changed over time, but that tells only part of the story.

To get the full picture, Einstein Discovery answers these types of questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What could happen next?
  • What should be done about it?

For instance, with Einstein Discovery, the Sales Analytics app can evaluate thousands of deals. A sales manager can uncover significant factors that will have the biggest impact on closing a deal across products, regions, industries, and more.

What Kind of Data Analysis Does Einstein Discovery Perform?

Users need to know the answers to various “what” and “how” questions to make smart business decisions, and, they need a narrative to know which questions to ask.

Einstein Discovery performs the following types of analytics:

  • Descriptive: Examines incoming data to identify what is happening
  • Diagnostic: Reviews past data to figure out what happened and why
  • Predictive: Studies many scenarios to determine what might happen

Einstein Discovery is an AI-embedded tool that instantly analyzes tons of datasets. In a storytelling format, it answers all your business questions and the ones you did not know to ask.

Find Out What’s Possible with Einstein Discovery

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