Account Hierarchy

AppShark’s Account Hierarchy provides a global, complete view of a company, its customers, partners and subsidiaries by allowing you to customize your Account Hierarchy page on Salesforce. With this package, the user can:

Account Hierarchy

Comprehensive view of a company and all its components.

  • Customize columns to be displayed in the Account Hierarchy using a configuration page
  • Open the Account in Edit mode from the Account Hierarchy View with a single click
  • Create Record type based Hierarchy View
  • See the hierarchy both inline and on a separate page
  • See the selected account highlighted in the hierarchy
  • Display more than 1000 records in the Hierarchy view
  • Expand and Collapse the Records in Hierarchy view
  • Show the data from one related object to Account under each Account in the hierarchy view
    (Not supported in Salesforce1)
  • Access the package on Tablets as it is now compatible with Salesforce1

A custom Visual force component in the package not only provides a comprehensive view of all the different hierarchical levels associated with a parent account, it also allows you to edit any record or account from the hierarchy view itself. The Visual force component can be embedded in the standard account detail page and adapted to support your company’s specific business requirements.

The columns too can be customized to suit the user’s requirements and with the latest upgrade, the user can also create and display record type hierarchies. Each column name can be changed; new columns can be created using custom settings. In short, you can choose the information you would like to display.

The package is also compatible with Salesforce1 for tablets and can be viewed on both Android and iOS tablet devices.

For more information, check out our Account Hierarchy package on AppExchange


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