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Is Your Business Text Savvy Yet?

Posted by Antara Bhattacharya | Posted On February 23rd, 2017 |Mobile, SMS Marketing, Open SMS Pro

There is nothing groundbreaking about the fact that text messaging is here to stay! Texting used to be a mere form of entertainment years ago among teens and young adults. It has come a long way and is now popularly accepted as an effective means of communication for pleasure and business. It has even transcended..

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Do You Love Your CRM?

Posted by Tom Jodis | Posted On February 14th, 2017 |Salesforce, CRM, Salesforce Healthcheck

Today is Valentine’s Day. Did you send your CRM a Valentine’s Day Card? Most companies take for granted their CRM. As long as it works they spend little time thinking about it. Only when they need something or it has a glitch do they realize its importance. In any relationship – ignoring your partner will..

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Workbench in Salesforce

Posted by Sridhar Koyyada | Posted On February 8th, 2017 |Salesforce, Customer Success Platform, Workbench

Workbench is a web-based tool which helps administrators and developers to interact with Salesforce for Data Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete and Export. It also supports the Undelete Program, Deploy, Retrieve, Rest Explorer and Apex Execute actions too. Workbench is an advanced tool that is built using JavaScript and PHP, where it supports more than 5..

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Lightning Experience Vs Salesforce1 Using Lightning Components

Posted by Sushma Gangavalli | Posted On February 1st, 2017 |Lightning Experience

Salesforce1 is a mobile app development platform which has been built to fulfill today’s Mobile and Social Solution needs. Salesforce developers build apps using various user interface and Saleforce1 provides us with a Platform which manages the apps without limiting our business needs. It is designed for scaling with open API’s for being extensible and a..

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