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How Salesforce is Driving Omni-Channel Retailing

Posted by Pavan KR Murthy | Posted On May 25th, 2016 |Cloud, Salesforce, Consumer Goods, CRM

I was walking down the Fashion District last Friday evening, and I was literally amazed to see the opulence the street holds! This district is the epitome of the success of the global retail market from the extent of Macy’s on Herald Square, the glamour of Victoria’s Secret, and the class of Burberry. The place..

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Working with Http API using WSDL as Reference

Posted by Madhusudhana Reddy Guda | Posted On May 10th, 2016 |Salesforce, Custom Development, Programming in Apex

Salesforce is a wonder tool for sure, but sometimes we need to work our way through it. For example, when we were trying to generate Apex class from WSDL in Salesforce, we encountered errors every single time. All our attempts at invoking external services through Apex were greeted with the same error message! Failed to..

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