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Three Ways Mobiles can Re-imagine Customer Experiences

Posted by Yasmita Chowdhury | Posted On December 8th, 2015 |Mobile

Mobile technology has been at the forefront of a revolutionary change – a change in the way businesses interact with their customers. Today, mobile phones are no longer a simple device for calling, from SMS to WhatsApp and social media marketing, it provides an ideal platform that is both instant and reactive. In other words,..

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5 Key Small Business Trends Today

Posted by Yasmita Chowdhury | Posted On December 2nd, 2015 |General

Most startups and small businesses may start out small but have an enormous growth potential, which, if correctly harnessed, can yield results in a relatively short time. Such businesses usually follow a carefully crafted plan when it comes to charting their economic improvement and hold a broad outlook for the future. According to a joint..

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