Tablet 20

Tablet-20 is a geo-location or mobile tracking app designed to provide a company’s management complete visibility over the movement of field sales agents throughout the business day. A corresponding native Android app can be downloaded from the App store – it syncs with the application via GPS and uses it to track the exact coordinates of a user and display them in Salesforce.

Tablet 20

Track mobile workforce and user locations anywhere in the world.

The Tablet 20 app shows visit duration, nearby user accounts and maps the route based on latitude-longitude points on Google maps and displays them through a simple interface in Salesforce. The data is initially stored on the device; later it can be uploaded to Salesforce. The user can set the amount of data to be uploaded to Salesforce and the polling & upload intervals from the Salesforce account.

The application provides better visibility and transparency within and across teams:

  • View reports on daily routes, visit timings and duration of account visits by field users
  • Tablet 20 is available globally in any location mapped by Google
  • Users may suspend tracking during non-business hours, weekends, vacations etc.

For more information, check out our FREE TABLET 20 app on AppExchange and on the Android PlayStore


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