Role of Salesforce Einstein in Service Cloud

Posted by Dr. Shiulee Chakraborty | Posted On August 28th, 2018|General

Nowadays all organizations of all sizes are facing new challenges in giving consistent quality services to their customers. Customer service is a crucial part of any organization. Because it is a vital part of a business, organizations are reconsidering their customer commitment systems and technologies and switching to cloud-based solutions like Salesforce Service Cloud. Some..

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Want to sell more? Tell Me How – Predictive Analytics Can Help You

Posted by Dr. Shiulee Chakraborty | Posted On July 25th, 2018|General

Predictive analytics is an extension of advanced analytics allowing the user to make predictions about unknown future events. It adopts varied approaches from data mining, statistics, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to evaluate present data and to make predictions about the future. Predictive analytics is used in marketing, financial services, insurance, retail, travel, healthcare,..

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How to Connect External Data Sources with Einstein Analytics

Posted by Dr. Shiulee Chakraborty | Posted On June 26th, 2018|General

One of our clients was looking for a Sales Performance Pipeline dashboard capable of connecting to a large external data source. Most admins are experienced in creating dashboards using the data which is available in the Salesforce org, but in this example, the sales data is in a SQL Server. The question is, how can..

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Is Your Organization Ready for Einstein?

Posted by Dr. Shiulee Chakraborty | Posted On May 23rd, 2018|General

Data Quantity For every organization, data is the core essence which needs to be managed meticulously. The data captured is wide-spread, cluttered, massive, complicated and disorganized. The errors in the data have to be looked upon and corrected. It is essential to examine the data to conclude its accuracy and this stint would be a..

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How to Decide if Marketing Cloud is Right for Your Business Needs

Posted by Rajanikanth Damera | Posted On April 25th, 2018|General

Organizations spend a considerable amount of resources and budget on Marketing. Recently, marketing has become largely automated. Although the process has been automated, the marketing team still has to create, curate and set up the automation rules. Multi-channel attribution is crucial in today’s marketing and organizations have to ensure that the message is reaching customers..

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Things You Should Know About Your Data for Visualization

Posted by Dr. Shiulee Chakraborty | Posted On March 28th, 2018|General

Data has been portrayed as the raw material for business and the revolution of the 21st century. The volume of information utilized as a part of the company, research, and development are huge, and it keeps on developing. It winds up increasingly hard for a client to get the key message from this data lake…

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Do These 4 Things to Get a Huge ROI on Salesforce

Posted by Rajanikanth Damera | Posted On February 14th, 2018|General

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help organizations manage all their interactions and relationships with clients and prospects. Used to the fullest, a CRM increases profitability, as users can do more selling and less administration. CRMs accomplish this by consolidating all of an organization’s data in one place and making it easily accessible and meaningful. Think..

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6 Reasons to Integrate Salesforce with Your ERP

Posted by Rajanikanth Damera | Posted On January 31st, 2018|Salesforce

Are you missing out on 80% of the ROI from Salesforce? There is an easy way to change that. You see, more than half of the ROI opportunities come from integration, collaboration, and extension, according to a study done by Nucleus Research. Could it be time to consider integrating Salesforce with your ERP? When you..

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4 Reasons That Will Make You Migrate to Lightning Experience

Posted by Rajanikanth Damera | Posted On January 25th, 2018|Lightning Experience, Salesforce

Upgrading software can be an awesome or blah-some experience. How it turns out all depends on the features, benefits, user experience – and the bugs. Of course, bug-free is the goal! But in the real world, there will at least be some minor ones to work through. The new Salesforce Lightning Experience represents the first..

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Highlights of Dreamforce 2017

Posted by Dr. Shiulee Chakraborty | Posted On January 18th, 2018|Salesforce

Dreamforce 2017 kicked off with an opening keynote on Salesforce Einstein Analytics and how it caters to diverse enterprises like real estate, health, insurance, philanthropy, IT, and Services. It highlighted new capabilities in the product and the announcement of a revolutionary new product related to artificial intelligence (AI) coming to operational reports. The keynote discusses..

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